CIRSE Crossword Puzzle

Here you can find the answers to each of the crossword puzzles found in IR News.

IR News 2/2017


4. Hamlet's castle in our 2017 congress city (kronberg)

5. Anagram: gate mountain (augmentation)

7. Pulling out this PAE registry's new data at CIRSE 2017 (ukrope)

10. Japanese city with highest number of Italian restaurants and host to JSIR meeting (okayama)

11. Treatment for sacral insufficiency fractures (sacroplasty)

12. New journal: CVIR _________ (endovascular)

13. CIRT registry launched in which western European country (france)

14. Early morning stroke data (dawn)


1. Treatment observed in CIREL (tace)

*2. Anagram: true mama photographers (postpartum haemorrhage) *crossword is missing one letter and there should be no space!

3. Austrian homeless shelter (gruft)

6. Replacing the 'Posters' on Stage at CIRSE with _______ (news)

8. Getting more IDEAS on this main artery (aorta)

9. 55% of Copenhageners commute with this method (bicycle)


IR News 1/2017


2. The happiest city in the world (copenhagen)

5. ECIO honorary lecturer (palussiere)

8. Anagram: acceptable offs (abscopal effect)

10. Chilly mammoth procedure (fet)

11. A tasty treat in Bilbao (pintxo)

12. Anagram: oracle vices (varicoceles)

13. Benign breast tumour (fibroadenoma)


1. Tidy study in pAVF (neat)

2. Soon to be released endovascular stroke study (crisp)

3. A painless topic at CIRSE (anaesthesia)

4. Embolotherapy fans meeting in which Italian city in May (florence)

6. Side effect of PAD (claudication)

7. Europe's largest oncology federation (ecco)

9. Antigen-presenting cells of our immune system (dendritic)


IR News 3/2016


1. Imaging focus of this year's IDoR (breast)

4. Contrast material for MRI (gadolinium)

6. An accomplished technique in PAE (perfected)

10. Hungry hormone (ghrelin)

13. A chilly intervention (cryoablation)

14. To calm (sedate)


2. Palms up (supine)

3. Anagram: naive hen soups (saphenous vein)

5. CVIR's _______ competition at CIRSE (selfie)

7. Acronym: New CIRSE support for young IRs (etf)

8.Anagram: mangrove (venogram)

9. Largest part of the brain (cerebrum)

11. The Nordic pretzel (kringle)

12. Award winning femoropopliteal artery disease trial (viastar)


IR News 2/2016


3. Abbr: 13k member strong (esmo)

5. Narrowing, again and again (restenosis)

8. Open up (recanalisation)

9. CIRSE amici (iesir)

11. Acute ________ ischaemia (mesenteric)

12. Waves wash stones away (lithotripsy)

15. A radiation protection principle for everybody (justification)

16. Anagram: hearty comet (atherectomy)



1. Abbr: spotless stroke data (mrclean)

2. Much loved IR pioneer (josefroesch)

4. Sooty graft (chimney)

6. Anagram: belonged in sun (benignnodules)

7. EU's biggest research programme (horizon2020)

10. Touch down here in September (elprat)

13. Named by Ernest Besnier in 1879 (biopsy)

14. Abbr: a common cause of obstruction in the veins (dvt)


IR News 1/2016


1.  Number of cranial nerves (twelve)

4. Exciting new thoughts, held in September in Barcelona (IDEAS)

6. Recent acute ischaemic stroke studies favour this treatment (thrombectomy)

7. Water-loving molecule (hydrophile)

10. Provocative move (discography)

12. How majority of post-transplant urinomas are treated (percutaneousdrainage)

14. Alternative to radiofrequency ablation in treatment of renal tumours (cryoblation)

16. Promoting IR in Asia Pacific (APSCVIR)

19. Anagram: nojostemjuy (jejunostomy)

20. Suffix meaning inflammation (itis)



2. Procedure to stabilise a spinal fracture (vertobroplasty)

3. Embolisation agent (foam)

5. CIRSE 2007 (Athens)

8. Not prone (supine)

9. Under CT guidance, which line to get to kidney when performing a percutaneous nephrostomy (brodels)

11. The _________ valve is located between the left atrium and left ventricle (mitral)

13. Type V endoleak (endotension)

15. Straight down American trainee pathway (direct)

17. A place to park a ship or a central venous access device (port)

18. Willis-Ekbom disease abbreviated (RLS)