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Digital Launch Event
Saturday 12 March featured great case reports and discussions with Dr. R. Yamada (Charleston, SC, USA) and Dr. M. Devane (Greenville, SC, USA) on their early experience with SeQure® XSB 2.7 Fr and SeQure® 1.9 Fr Guerbet's reflux-control microcatheters.

Discover what makes it unique, and take a chance to discover how you can see more, access more, and deliver more with our range of microcatheters and new guidewires
Expanding TARE procedures
Dr. R. Yamada (Charleston, SC, USA)
Expanding HCC management procedures
Dr. M. Devane (Greenville, SC, USA)
Learn form their early experience
SeQure® 1.9Fr in PAE

Exclusive video interview of
Dr. A. Isaacson (Raleigh, NC, USA)
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DraKon™ and SeQure® microcatheters are class II medical devices in the USA. Outside USA, DraKon™ and SeQure microcatheters are class IIb medical devices. DraKon™and SeQure microcatheters are intended for use by interventional radiologists and interventional oncologists for the infusion of contrast media into all peripheral vessels and for drug infusion in intra-arterial therapy, and infusion of embolic materials. They should not be used in cerebral vessels. They should not be used in cerebral vessels. Notified Body: MedCert 0482. Manufacturer: Accurate Medical Therapeutics Ltd. ECRep: Guerbet. DraKon™ & SeQure are registered trademarks of Guerbet Group or its affiliates.

Axessio™ Guidewire is class II medical devices in the USA. Outside USA, Axessio™Guidewire is class III medical device intended for use by physicians to introduce percutaneous intravascular catheters. Notified Body: NSAI 0050. Manufacturer: Brivant Ltd. Distributed in the EU byGuerbet. Axessio™is a registered trademark of Accurate Medical Therapeutics Ltd. Any performance specifications are believed to be reliable and arethe sole responsibility of the legal manufacturer Brivant Ltd.

For complete information about precautions and optimal usage conditions for these medical devices, we recommend consulting the instructions for use supplied with each device or with your local Guerbet representative(s). Information for use only in countries with applicablehealth authority registrations. Registration and availability may vary according to countries.

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Outside USA: for more information, please visit; or contact your local Guerbet representative.

CAUTION: US Federal Law restricts these devices to sale by or on the order of a physician.
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