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Educational grants

The way Healthcare Professionals can receive educational allowances to attend medical congresses has changed since 1 January 2018. Financial support by MedTech member companies to support Healthcare Professional’s attendance to CIRSE congresses must now be delivered through an indirect scheme. This new scheme is being advanced by the introduction of the new Codes of Ethics from MedTech Europe (as well as APACMed in Asia Pacific and MECOMED in the Middle East and Africa).

What is MedTech and what is the MedTech Code of Ethical Business Practice?

The members of MedTech, an association of European medical device companies, have agreed to adhere to a self-imposed Code of Ethical Business Practice. Due to this self-regulating guideline MedTech member companies should no longer provide direct funding to Healthcare Professionals to attend medical congresses but can provide Educational Grants through an indirect scheme.

Please visit and their resources section for detailed information:

How can I receive travel support to attend a CIRSE congress?

There are two ways to receive Education Grant funding:

Educational grants allocated to your own institution

According to the new MedTech Code of Ethical Business Practice it is still possible to receive support to attend CIRSE congresses. MedTech member companies can provide restricted Educational Grants to Health Care Organisations (HCOs), such as hospitals and other institutions to support their staff’s congress participation. In this case the Health Care Organisation shall identify and select the eligible practitioners and attribute the grants.

If you are interested in receiving such funding, please reach out to your industry contacts directly.

Please note that the MedTech Code of Ethical Business Practice is a self-regulating guideline which does not supersede European or national law. Therefore, it is only applicable to MedTech members. Companies, which are not MedTech members, may still provide direct sponsorship to HCP’s to the extend as allowed by national law.

Educational grants through a medical society and congress organiser such as CIRSE

Industry Partners also allocate Educational Grants to societies or congress organisers such as CIRSE. In this specific occasion CIRSE will contact your institution directly or manage the attribution of Educational Allowances in the form of an open call for applications.

Information for industry partners

Industry sponsorship of healthcare professionals’ attendance at third-party organised congresses has evolved from a direct to an indirect and anonymous approach under new regulations which have been in effect since January 1st, 2018.

Under the new indirect and anonymous sponsorship model, MedTech industry members  no longer directly invite healthcare professionals. Instead they fund educational grants through third-parties such as CIRSE or healthcare institutions.

CIRSE is grateful to our many Industry Partners already involved in providing support for the continued medical education of healthcare professionals. CIRSE has established a robust system and professional administration to manage small and high volume education grants for all of CIRSE’s congresses, conferences and courses.

If you are an Industry Partner interested in supporting healthcare professionals to attend CIRSE congresses or courses (such as the CIRSE Annual Meeting, ET, ECIO or ESIR courses) and would like to receive further information, please contact us at