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Educational grants

The way healthcare professionals can receive educational allowances to attend medical congresses and courses has changed significantly since January 1, 2018 due to MedTech’s introduction of its Code of Ethical Business Practice, a self-imposed guideline regulating that MedTech member companies will no longer provide direct funding for healthcare professionals to attend medical congresses. It is, however, still possible to receive support from the industry through funding via healthcare organisations, such as hospitals, research centres or societies such as CIRSE.

Educational grants through CIRSE

In its role as the prime platform for IR education and research, CIRSE strives to continue supporting lifelong medical education. It is therefore helping to provide financial support for medical professionals who could not otherwise attend the CIRSE congresses by acting as an intermediary between the industry and healthcare professionals wishing to attend these events. In the past, MedTech members have provided funds to support educational grants to attend CIRSE congresses based on various criteria.

Educational grants through your institution

MedTech member companies can provide restricted educational grants to healthcare organisations (HCOs), such as hospitals and other institutions to support their staff’s congress participation. The healthcare organisation then identifies and selects the eligible practitioners and attributes the grants.

For more information on how funds can be granted to your hospital, please refer to the MedTech Code of Ethical Bussiness Practice and its continuously updated Q&A section.