Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe

September 10-14 | Barcelona, Spain

Science for people

September 10-14 | Barcelona, Spain

Science for people

September 10-14 | Barcelona, Spain

Science for people

September 10-14 | Barcelona, Spain

September 10-14 | Barcelona, Spain

EventsCIRSE 2022Session types

Session types

CIRSE 2022 will feature a wide variety of session types throughout the nine clinical tracks, ensuring a comprehensive and multifaceted congress experience.

Amazing Interventions

During these sessions, acclaimed experts will talk about their most unusual and challenging procedures. The emphasis will be to highlight innovative ways in which interventional radiologists can solve difficult problems and overcome tough situations. These sessions aim to be both educational and entertaining.

Case-based Discussions

This format is designed to provide a platform for experts with different skills and views, who can each present their unique approach. Interesting cases where different treatment options seem possible will be presented, followed by a lively discussion involving the speakers and the audience. These interactive sessions provide an excellent learning experience on how to approach and work through difficult cases.

CIRSE meets…

The “CIRSE meets…” programme has proved to be an important platform for establishing and strengthening the relations between CIRSE and other societies. At CIRSE 2022, CIRSE’s guests will be EANM and EASL.

Controversy Sessions

During Controversy Sessions, two experts will present opposing views on controversial and current topics, after which a short debate will ensue. The moderator will ask the audience which position they support both before and after each new topic in order to assess whether the talks have changed their opinions. For this purpose, voting facilities for the audience will be provided.

Expert Round Tables

The Expert Round Table sessions address important aspects of interventional radiology in an informal setting. Key opinion leaders will outline their views and preferred therapy options regarding select “hot topics” and then engage in lively discussions with both their fellow speakers and the audience.

Film Interpretation Quiz

The Film Interpretation Quiz is one of CIRSE’s most popular sessions, run as a “last man standing” quiz. The quiz masters will present the audience with three possible answers to each case – those choosing incorrectly will be eliminated and must sit down, while those who get the answer right will continue to the next case. The last few contestants left standing will be invited onstage for a head-to-head finale.

Scientific Paper Sessions

Researchers will present original papers on new and innovative aspects of cardiovascular and interventional radiology. Select papers will be gathered into sessions, each dealing with the same topic. There will be time for discussion between researchers and attendees after each presentation.

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These Scientific Paper sessions will feature the first data releases of several trials and studies.

Focus Sessions

Focus Sessions are designed to impart the latest knowledge on topics of interest to interventional specialists. These sessions are the backbone of the CIRSE meeting and are specifically chosen by the programme planning committee because of their importance in daily practice.

Fundamental Courses

Fundamental Courses cover a specific area of interventional radiology, focusing on basic principles and illustrating the procedure in a step-by-step fashion. They are designed for radiologists-in-training and new consultants, as well as for experienced consultants who require a refresher course on the subject.

Hands-on Device Training

The Hands-on Device Training (HDT) sessions provide an overview of the different devices and techniques available for specific topics. Following a kick-off presentation by the HDT coordinators, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the specifics, as well as the safe and effective use of the available technology in a hands-on setting. Each HDT will feature a round-table discussion, allowing participants time to ask questions and give feedback. To find out more, click here.

Hot Topic Symposia

The Hot Topic Symposia address controversial IR topics in the setting of a plenary session. Invited speakers will give brief lectures on important aspects of the subject under discussion. A major feature of these sessions will be a round-table discussion involving the speakers and the audience.

IR Trainee Sessions

The IR Trainee Sessions at CIRSE are aimed specifically at trainees, residents and young IRs, and cover basic IR topics as well as practical issues relating to the beginning of a career in interventional radiology. These sessions will also address future IR technologies and challenges the next generation of IR may face. Organised by the CIRSE European Trainee Forum (ETF), the IR Trainee Sessions are also an opportunity to meet peers and establish relationships with other young IRs across Europe.

Meet the PI

This session format is dedicated to the new abstract submission category “Trial design and methodology”, which aims to further support research in interventional radiology. Selected presenters will be able to present their trial design, methods and operational aspects from upcoming, registered trials.

Morbidity & Mortality Conference

The Morbidity and Mortality Conference will analyse interventional radiology cases which led to complications and/or deaths that could have been avoided. This session provides a valuable learning experience for everyone involved in interventional radiology. The session will be dedicated to vascular and non-vascular cases.

Satellite Symposia

Satellite Symposia are organised by industry partners and take place at lunchtime as well as in the morning and in the evening. During these sessions, cutting-edge information on interventional equipment and techniques is provided.

Simulation Training

This popular series of training sessions comprises a 20-minute round-table discussion with experts in the field delivering key knowledge and practical tips, followed by one hour of hands-on experience using high-fidelity simulators.

Video Learning Sessions

These sessions will feature stand-alone video presentations of interventions with the purpose of teaching procedural techniques and providing a brief overview of indication and results. The aim is to demonstrate the technical aspects of the specific intervention in the best possible way and to give the audience the possibility to ask questions.

Women in IR

Since this initiative started in 2017, the session has explored subjects such as barriers to women choosing a career in IR, excellence in leadership in IR and the value of female role models in our workplaces and organisations. This year’s session will focus on team building in IR. We hope this session will inspire both men and women to look at fresh ways of building their team and motivating them to deliver excellent care while looking out for each other and becoming better communicators.


Workshops provide you with the chance to learn from your colleagues’ expertise in an informal, interactive manner. Each designated workshop will entail individual cases and discussion points with regard to the particular interventional topic. Attendees can contribute their opinions and ask questions in small groups.