Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe

September 10-14 | Barcelona, Spain

Science for people

September 10-14 | Barcelona, Spain

Science for people

September 10-14 | Barcelona, Spain

Science for people

September 10-14 | Barcelona, Spain

September 10-14 | Barcelona, Spain

EventsCIRSE 2022Host city and transportation

Host city and transportation

CIRSE 2022 will be held at the CCIB conference centre in the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain. Travelling to Spain is once again very easy, with currently the only requirement being proof of COVID-19 vaccination/recovery or a negative PCR test. For those who do not have an EU COVID digital certificate, completing the SpTH Health Control Form is necessary before travel. Please go here for up-to-date information on the entrance criteria.


It is no wonder that Barcelona, the radiant centre of Catalonia, is one of the most visited cities in Europe. The picturesque city faces the Mediterranean Sea while being surrounded by the stunning foothills of the Collserola mountains.

Barcelona has beautiful city beaches close to the congress centre. Take a break at a beachside café or stroll along the water’s edge between sessions! The nearest beach to the CCIB is Platja de Llevant, one of the city’s newest beaches. Walk southwest to find more beaches and restaurants along the shoreline.

Culinary delights

Barcelona has a world-class culinary scene. It has hundreds of restaurants with fantastic food for all price points. The region of Catalonia has a strong culinary reputation, and while many visitors already know of paella or tapas, Barcelona has more to offer with ingredients fresh from the Mediterranean coast. Check out these traditional Catalan dishes:

  • Esqueixada de Bacallà – the ‘freshest’ traditional Catalan dish with chopped cod, sliced tomatoes, onions, olives, some olive oil and black pepper
  • Suquet de Peix – a type of thick soup containing a variety of different fish; in maritime cuisine, they use fish from the day’s catch, but it should be strong-tasting, firm-textured fish that will withstand stewing.
  • Escalivada – means ‘roast from ashes’, this smoky vegetable dish is eaten as a tapa or sometimes as a relish for other savoury bites of fish or meat.
  • Crema Catalana – custard dessert similar to crème brûlée, instead uses citrus and cinnamon flavours. Crema Catalana recipes began appearing in Catalan cookbooks in the 14th century, well before crème brûlée.

Transportation – From airport

Barcelona is easily accessible from El Prat de Llobregat (BCN) and sits 13 kilometres south of Barcelona city centre. There are many options to travel from the airport to the city centre.

The Aerobús runs twenty-four hours a day with departures from Terminal 1 or 2 every 5 or 10 minutes (From 1 am to 5:30 am, there are buses every twenty or thirty minutes). The fare is €5.90 one-way or €10.20 return.

The RENFE train runs every 30 minutes, costs €4.60, and leaves from the Aeroport train station near terminal 2.

Barcelona airport metro (L9 sud) runs from both airport terminals to the city’s southwest.

Please note that standard single trip metro tickets and the T-casual travel card cannot be used on the airport metro. Instead, there is a special airport ticket which costs €5.15. The T-casual ticket can be used for the RENFE train to and from Barcelona airport to the city centre.

A taxi from Barcelona airport to central Barcelona takes about 30 minutes and costs around €35-40. There are taxi ranks outside both terminals (T1 and T2).

Transportation – Around the city and to the conference centre

Barcelona has an extensive public transportation system with buses, trams, metros, and commuter trains to travel around the city easily. The public transportation system is integrated, meaning the tickets are valid for all modes of public transport for a duration of 1 hour and 15 minutes. A single ticket costs €2.40, and the T-casual ticket costs €11.35 for 10 individual trips. There is also the Hola Barcelona ticket starting at €14.76, and valid for 48, 72, 96 or 120 hours, which gives unlimited travel throughout the city and includes the airport train and Montjuic cable car (everything within zone 1).

The CCIB congress centre may be reached by a variety of modes of transportation. Buses 136, B20, and V31 will all take you to the neighbouring El Maresme/Forum stop, as will metro line 4 and tram line 4. The CCIB is also accessible by bus route 7 (stop 16: Forum station).