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Hospital accreditation

The International Accreditation System for Interventional Oncology Services (IASIOS) aims to appraise medical facilities’ IO service lines by granting formal accreditation. The IASIOS also encourages and supports the development of recognisable standards for competence and quality in interventional oncology (IO) and its associated activities.

This global accreditation system is operated by the Interventional Radiology Accreditation Service GmbH (IRAS) and provides a unique opportunity to gain recognition for the IO services offered. Apart from giving facilities the chance to showcase their achievements, it is also intended to establish the highest standards for patient care and to encourage good practice in IO.

IASIOS is based on the Standards of Quality Assurance in Interventional Oncology, a comprehensive quality assurance document developed by the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe (CIRSE). It looks at the whole process of patient care and treatment and what is required to deliver IO services at a highly effective level. By featuring clearly outlined requirements, it functions as a framework for the development and implementation of wider measures for safe and efficient IO practice. The document has recently received wide international support through relevant regional and national medical societies.

Introducing IASIOS

Learn more about IASIOS from some of its driving forces; Prof. Andy Adam and Prof. Liz Kenny from the IASIOS Steering Board as well as Prof. Laura Crocetti and Dr. Miltiadis Krokidis from the IASIOS Committee.

IASIOS is a membership-based accreditation system that has been specifically developed for medical facilities operating in interventional oncology and aspiring for formal recognition either as part of an existing institution or as an independent entity. Regardless of their size and location, any facility that wishes to obtain accreditation of their IO service line will be able to apply once the system has been launched officially.