Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe
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Entry criteria & application

Upcoming examinations

  • 27-28 February, 2019 during the ECR 2019 – Vienna, AT (fully booked)
  • 8-9 July, 2019 during IRSA 2019 – Uluru, AU
  • 6 September, 2019 during CIRSE 2019 – Barcelona, ES (fully booked)
  • February, 2020 during the ECR 2020 – Vienna, AT – dates to be confirmed

Required documents

To apply for sitting the EBIR, please complete the following forms, have them signed by the responsible authority and upload them in the online registration process in the myCIRSE area.

  1. Proof of IR training

    With the Proof of IR Training document, the applicant provides information of when and where their radiology training (including 1 year dedicated to IR) was completed. The document must be signed by the Director of the current hospital or the Programme Director of the IR or Radiology Department.

  2. Competency checklist

    The application must be accompanied by a competency checklist completed by the candidate’s IR programme director or other responsible authority as listed in the document.

  3. Proof of IR experience

    The Proof of IR Experience must show that the candidate has experience as first operator performing at least 250 IR procedures, 150 of which have to be interventions according to chapter 2.2.1 Vascular Diagnosis and Interventions of the European Curriculum and Syllabus for Interventional Radiology.

  4. Membership

    All applicants for the European and Australasian examinations are required to be full members of CIRSE in the year(s) of application and examination.

    European examination

    Candidates must also be full members of ESR in the year(s) of application and examination.

    Australasian examination

    IRSA members: Candidates must also be full members of IRSA in the year(s) of application and examination. Non-IRSA members: a limited number of spots have been reserved for non-IRSA candidates from the Asia-Pacific region.

  5. CV

    A relevant Curriculum Vitae (insert online during registration process). The CV should include a record of previous training posts in radiology and IR as well as all scientific and educational activities.

  6. Application fee

    European Examination
    700 Euro application fee (congress registration fees are not included)
    Australasian Examination
    Early Bird Fee (available until 28 February, 2019): 1,890€
    Standard Fee: 2,100€*

The higher registration fee for the AUS/NZ examination is necessitated by greater logistical requirements

Please note:

  • Applicants must register and provide documentary evidence of fulfilment of all entry criteria for the exam no later than 2 months prior to the respective exam date.
  • Only filled-in documents downloaded from the EBIR website will be accepted for submission. (Proof of IR Experience/Procedures, Competency Checklist, Proof of Radiology Training)
  • Your EBIR application is only completed once all the required documents are submitted and all fees are paid.
  • Exam applications will be accepted on a first come, first served basis – which will be based on the date of completion of registration! Early application is therefore recommended.
  • The EBIR Examination Committee reserves the right to request a complete and properly filled in logbook at any time.
  • The examination will accommodate 30 candidates. Should an examination be fully booked, the application will automatically be transferred to the next available examination.

No refunds will be provided if an applicant withdraws his/her application. If a candidate cannot comply with all entry criteria during the registration process or is declined during the reviewing process by the EBIR Committee, his/her application for the exam will be cancelled. Refund of the application fee is not possible. Candidates who have not passed the examination can apply to resit the exam. A maximum of four attempts is permitted per candidate. Those applying for a repeat exam must resubmit all required documents and complete the payment as before. A transfer of the previous examination fee is not possible. Please contact Examination Services about the resubmission of documents.