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Complex mechanical atherothrombectomy scenarios. Let’s discuss my extremely challenging cases!

Save the date: Thursday, June 24, 2021, 17:00- 18:30 CEST

Vessel preparation is considered to be a very important part of complex endovascular procedures. Mechanical atherothrombectomy also plays a crucial role in achieving successful outcomes in PAD treatment. During this interactive session, the panellists will present and openly discuss a series of extremely challenging Rotarex™S Rotational Atherothrombectomy System cases in which they faced complex or unexpected situations.

The webinar will shed light on approaches and algorithms implemented by the panellists to manage the specific situation and complexities. Attendees will be asked to comment and give their opinion on how such situations are managed and solved in their daily practice. With their renowned expertise in mechanical atherothrombectomy, the moderators will encourage a lively and active discussion throughout the event.


Moderation: F. Fanelli (Florence/IT), M. Manzi (Abano Terme/IT)

Welcome and course introduction
M. Manzi (Abano Terme/IT)

Use of mechanical atherothrombectomy to avoid distal embolization
S. Bräunlich (Leipzig/DE)

Challenges management in acute covered stent thrombosis
B. Migliara (Peschiera d. Garda/IT)

Complex mechanical atherothrombectomy treatment
M.-G. Stanisić (Poznan/PL)

Take home messages and closing
F. Fanelli (Florence/IT)


Fabrizio Fanelli
Fabrizio Fanelli
Marco Manzi
Marco Manzi
(Abano Terme/IT)


Sven Bräunlich
Sven Bräunlich
Bruno Migliara
Bruno Migliara
(Peschiera del Garda/IT)
Michal Goran Stanisić
Michal Goran Stanisić

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