Task Forces

Analgesia and Sedation Task Force | Stroke Therapy Task Force | Past Task Forces 

The Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe strives to contribute actively to the progress of IR as a medical specialty. To this end, the articles of association grant the opportunity to establish task forces, assembling specialists who are set on tackling a certain topic within a defined timeframe. The outcome of their work gives direction to or serves as a basis for further decisions.

Currently, CIRSE benefits from the following task forces:

Analgesia and Sedation Task Force

Alessandra Vari Co-Chairperson        
Fabrizio Fanelli Co-Chairperson
Michael Lee  
Andreas H. Mahnken  
Enrique Esteban Hernandez  
Peter Thomas Nielsen  
Johannes T.A. Knape  

For any questions regarding the Stroke Therapy Task Force, please contact us at slijepcevic@cirse.org.


Stroke Therapy Task Force 

Klaus Hausegger  Chairperson      
Saruhan Cekirge      
Jens Fiehler    
Antonin Krajina  
John Thornton  
Hans van Overhagen                                 

For any questions regarding the Stroke Therapy Task Force, please contact us at slijepcevic@cirse.org.


Past Task Forces

 Task Force  Chairperson  active
 EIBIR Task Force  Philippe Pereira  2010-2013
 IR Curriculum Task Force (IRCT)  Anna-Maria Belli  2011-2013
 Radioembolisation Task Force  José Ignacio Bilbao  2013-2014
 Clinical Practice App Task Force  Leo Lawler  2013-2015
 Ethical Compliance Task Force (ECT)  Anthony Watkinson  2012-2015
 Patient Information Task Force  Dimitrios Filippiadis  2013-2015
 Medical Device Task Force  Tarun Sabharwal  2014-2015
 Renal Denervation Task Force  Jonathan Moss  2012-2016
 Relative Value Unit (RVU) Task Force  Arno Bücker  2015-2016
 IR Curriculum & Syllabus Revision Task Force  Raman Uberoi  2015-2017

For any questions regarding the past CIRSE Task Forces, please contact info@cirse.org.