Group Membership

CIRSE strives to forge strong partnerships with European and international IR societies through a system of Group Membership, with the objective to advance interventional radiology worldwide. Strong alliances between CIRSE and national societies help IRs, in Europe and beyond, to connect and face challenges together in an increasingly global network.

CIRSE is looking forward to welcoming many more national societies in the future. If your national society is interested in becoming a part of CIRSE’s global network and wants to enjoy the below benefits as a Group Member, please contact us at registration@cirse.org.


Benefits for national IR societies joining CIRSE

  • Highly reduced CIRSE membership fees for your members
  • Participation in the Annual IR Leadership Meeting (only European Societies)
  • Promotion of your society’s events via inclusion in the CIRSE congress calendar
  • Free promotion at CIRSE annual meeting including a free booth and meeting room
  • Optional assistance with basic management and administration tasks of your national society


Benefits for members of national IR societies

  • Being part of an international network of over 7000 professionals
  • Reduced registration fees for all CIRSE events*
  • Unlimited access to the online version of CVIR, the official organ of CIRSE
  • Unlimited access to ESIRonline, the world’s largest IR resource on the web featuring over 9,000 presentations from CIRSE events as well as dedicated e-learning tools
  • Free access to live and on demand services during CIRSE congresses
  • Free subscription IR News
  • Eligibility to EBIR, the European Board of Interventional Radiology
  • Access to the CIRSE Members Lounge at the Annual Meeting
  • Voting rights and right to hold office within the Society**

*Please note that reduced registration fees to the CIRSE Annual Congress are only available after two years of CIRSE membership. Reduced registration fees for all other congresses and events organised by CIRSE are available immediately

**Only European Members have the right to vote and hold office.


CIRSE is proud to collaborate with the following IR societies through Group Membership: