Subcommittees are established by the Executive Committee and provide continuous expertise in specific medical topics as assigned to them by the EC.



Michael Lee Chairperson                                         
Anna Belli  
Elias Brountzos  
Trevor John Cleveland  
Fabrizio Fanelli  
Peter Huppert  
Andreas Mahnken  
Stefan Müller-Hüllsbeck  
Jim Reekers  
Iain Robertson  
Dierk Vorwerk  

For any questions regarding the Endovascular Subcommittee, please contact raho@cirse.org.


European Trainee Forum

Greg Makris Chairperson                                         
Sam Byott  
Volkan Cakir  
Roberto Cazzato  
Nuno Vasco Costa
Carla Gonzalez Junyent
Vlad Kosyrev
Heather Moriarty  
Luka Novosel  
Philipp Marius Paprottka  
Michal Polovincak  
Sara Protto  
Daniel Putzer  
Krzysztof Pyra  
Charalampos Sotiriadis  
Maria Tsitskari  

For any questions regarding the European Trainee Forum, or if your national society would like to nominate a candidate please contact raho@cirse.org.


Oncology Alliance 

Andreas Adam      Chairperson                                         
Thierry de Baère  
José Ignacio Bilbao  
Afshin Gangi  
Thomas Helmberger  
Liz Kenny  
Riccardo Lencioni  
Philippe Pereira  

For any questions regarding the Oncology Alliance Subcommittee, please contact dejong@cirse.org.


Radiation Protection 

Werner Jaschke      Chairperson                                                       
Elias Brountzos  
Patrick Haage  
Mario Bezzi  
Fabrizio Fanelli  
Efstathios Efstathopoulos  
Eliseo Vano  
Gabriel Bartal  
Reinhard Loose  
Graciano Paulo External Advisor
Madan Rehani External Advisor
Erich Sorantin External Advisor

For any questions regarding the Radiation Protection Subcommittee, please contact tkalec@cirse.org.