CIRSE 2011 Congress Newspaper

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    Saturday issue (PDF download 1.7 MB) including
  • EVAR: Proof of a Standard
  • When the Robot takes over: Advances in Robotics in IR
  • EBIR – the next generation of IRs
  • Drug-Eluting Beads and Irinotecan: One Step Further
  • PAD Guidelines 2011


  Sunday issue (PDF download 1.5 MB) including
  • Is renal stenting dead?
  • Is CCSVI a real entity?
  • Superior hypogastric nerve block to reduce pain after UFE
  • MWA of lung tumours
  • Plaque imaging and characterisation


Monday issue(PDF download 1.4 MB) including

  • Pedal Occlusive Disease – the last frontier for IR
  • MRgFU for Low-Risk Prostate Cancer
  • IR Management of Vertebral Fractures
  • Acute Stroke Imaging – a multimodal approach for better patient selection
  • How good are drug-eluting balloons?

Tuesday issue(PDF download 1.1 MB) including

  • Combined approach for unresectable liver malignancies
  • HCC: Resection vs. Ablation
  • Angioplasty and Bare Stenting in Below-the-Knee Recanalisation
  • Transcatheter Therapy in Hepatic Colorectal Metastases