CIRSE 2007 Congress Newspaper

IR News Athens 2007
Click on the links below to view IR Congress News, the daily newspaper of the CIRSE congress, containting numerous contributions from the invited speakers of CIRSE 2007.



Saturday issue (PDF download 739 KB) including

  • Closure devices: Which device where?
  • Filter, flow reversal or nothing?
  • Statins – beyond the oculostenotic reflex
    and much more...




  Sunday issue (PDF download 1.1 MB) including
  • After EMMY and REST - Can we close the file on UAE?
  • Local drug delivery with drug coated balloons for prevention of restenosis
  • Identification of venous thromboembolism: Current concepts
  • Endovascular aneurysm repair: Current and future status
  • Renal cancer: Can IR provide solutions?
    and much more...




  Monday issue (PDF download 869 KB) including
  • Stent grafts in acute thoracic aortic trauma
  • Tools and principles of embolization
  • When to place a stent in peripheral vascular disease
  • What’s the matter with uncomplicated type B aortic dissection – endografts, INSTEAD, or silent threat?
    and much more...




Tuesday issue (PDF download 600 KB) including
  • Controversies in oncologic IR - Is resection best for limited metastatic colorectal disease to the liver? Pro and Con
  • CT coronary angiography
  • PET imaging of the heart in comparison to other imaging modalities
  • Interventional management of stroke
    and much more...