CIRSE 2008 Congress Newspaper

CIRSE's Congress News is a valuable additional source of information for CIRSE congress delegates containing numerous articles by speakers and other distinguished CIRSE members. Please click on the links below to view the four issues of the CIRSE 2008 meeting.



Saturday issue (PDF download 942 KB) including

  • Benefits of intellectual property protection during the development of interventional tools
  • CIRSE Simulation Task Force: Towards fully validated simulator content for Interventional Radiology training and assessment
  • CIRSE reaches out to Africa
  • Essentials in interventional oncology
  • Interventions in dialysis shunts
  • Below the knee interventions - an update
  • PTA or conservative treatment with supervised exercise for SFA claudications?
  • New developments in embolization




  Sunday issue(PDF download 1.9 MB) including
  • Coronary imaging now and future perspective
  • The Pan Arab Interventional Radiology Society (PAIRS) - a brief profile
  • Vascular Surgery and Interventional Radiology
  • Can experience really make a difference to outcome for carotid artery stenting (CAS)?
  • The CIRSE Foundation - A Catalyst for Education
  • Expanding roles for simulation technology
  • Deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism: diagnostic and therapeutic pathways
  • Interventional Oncology: Imaging is the key




  Monday issue (PDF download 1.6 MB) including
  • Outcomes of stent-grafts and the thoracic aorta - a great step forward for survival
  • The history of Interventional Radiology in Denmark
  • Stent grafts in the thoracic aorta - How far can one go?
  • RF ablation of lung tumours
  • Cryoablation: advantages and limits
  • MR guided focused ultrasound surgery
  • Induction of therapeutic angiogenesis by endovascular application of autologous bone-marrow derived stem cells in patients with critical limb ischemia




Tuesday issue (PDF download 954 KB) including
  • Specialty, sub-specialty or professional hobby? Interventional Radiology at the crossroads
  • Interventional Radiology in Japan
  • Controversies in vascular intervention - What is evidence based in vascular intervention?
  • Simple principles of post-UFE pain management
  • Management of aggressive vertebral hemangiomas
  • Atherectomy: the current status