Tumour ablation

Ablation plays a fundamental role in the minimally invasive treatment of cancer, and ablation technologies and equipment for live image guidance continue to develop quickly.

In order to stay up to date on these developments, this Hands-on Device Training will offer separate sessions to look at radiofrequency ablation, microwave ablation and alternative techniques, including cryoablation and image-guided technologies.


Sunday, September 17  
TA-HDT 1: RFA 09:30-11:00
TA-HDT 2: RFA 12:30-14:00

Coordinators: M. Bezzi (Rome/IT), L. Hechelhammer (St. Gallen/CH)

Monday, September 18  
TA-HDT 3: MWA 09:30-11:00
TA-HDT 4: MWA 12:30-14:00

Coordinators: L. Crocetti (Pisa/IT), J.L. del Cura Rodriguez (Bilbao/ES)

Tuesday, September 19  
TA-HDT 5: Alternative techniques
and image guidance
TA-HDT 6: Alternative techniques
and image guidance

Coordinators: G. Tsoumakidou (Strasbourg/FR), P. Wiggermann (Regensburg/DE)

Location: HDT Room 3

Corresponding workshops:
Saturday, September 16  
WS 603: Thyroid and kidney ablation 16:15-17:15
WS 703: Liver ablation​ 17:30-18:30
Sunday, September 17  
WS 1403: Bone ablation 16:15-17:15
WS 1503: Lung ablation​ 17:30-18:30