Embolisation: materials and tools

Embolisation is an important part of an IR’s work – however, it is essential to thoroughly understand how to perform this technique in order to avoid complications. Having substantial knowledge of available material is absolutely necessary when selecting the most suitable device for any occasion.

This Hands-on Device Training aims to provide an overview of the various embolic materials available and different delivery techniques. Separate sessions will look at "coils and plugs", "liquid agents" and "particulate agents" to ensure participants are familiar with common embolic agents.


Sunday, September 17  
EMT-HDT 1: Coils & plugs 09:30-11:00
EMT-HDT 2: Coils & plugs 12:30-14:00

Coordinators: J.V. Patel (Leeds/UK), V. Pedicini (Milan/IT)

Monday, September 18  
EMT-HDT 3: Liquid agents 09:30-11:00
EMT-HDT 4: Liquid agents 12:30-14:00

Coordinators: I.J. McCafferty (Birmingham/UK), J. Urbano (Madrid/ES)

Tuesday, September 19  
EMT-HDT 5: Particulate agents 09:30-11:00
EMT-HDT 6: Particulate agents 12:30-14:00

Coordinators: T.J. Kroencke (Augsburg/DE), A.G. Rampoldi (Milan/IT)

Location: HDT Room 1

Corresponding workshop:
Saturday, September 16  
WS 704: Embolisation: materials
and tools