Women in IR

The number of women in medicine is increasing and in the UK, women are expected to be the majority of practising physicians in 2017. Although approximately 32% of radiologists are women, only 10% of IRs are women.

Several surgical specialties have managed to increase the proportion of women in their training programmes, e.g. in 2014 in the US, vascular surgery had >30% female residents whilst IR and Interventional Cardiology had <10%.

A concerted effort must be made to identify the barriers to women entering IR and to identify changes to attract women and ensure the continued growth of our specialty.

CIRSE 2017 will offer a session discussing the 'IR gender gap' with the following aims:
1. Promoting women in IR
2. Understanding reasons for lack of women in IR
3. Identifying solutions to help women in IR

Saturday, September 16

WIR 305 Women in IR: The IR gender gap
  Moderator: A.-M. Belli (London/UK)
 305.1 Facts and figures F:M ratios
  A.-M. Belli (London/UK)
 305.2 Perceptions and misconceptions of IR: the IR trainee perspective
  C. Gonzalez-Junyent (Barcelona/ES)
 305.3 Perceptions and misconceptions of IR: the IR consultant perspective
  T.M. Wah (Leeds/UK)
 305.4 Radiation facts and fiction
  W. Jaschke (Innsbruck/AT), Co-author: A. Trianni (Udine/IT)
 305.5 Barriers for women in IR
  M. Szczerbo-Trojanowska (Lublin/PL)
  Round table
Panellists: C. Gonzalez-Junyent (Barcelona/ES), W. Jaschke (Innsbruck/AT),
M. Szczerbo-Trojanowska (Lublin/PL), O.M. van Delden (Amsterdam/NL),
T.M. Wah (Leeds/UK)
  Summing up and action points
A.-M. Belli (London/UK)