Film Interpretation Quiz

The Film Interpretation Quiz is one of CIRSE’s most popular sessions and will be run as a "last man standing" quiz.

The Quiz Masters, X. Buy and I.J. McCafferty, will present the audience with three possible answers to each case – those choosing incorrectly will be eliminated and must sit down, while those who get the answer right will continue to the next case. The last few contestants left standing will be invited on stage for a head-to-head finale. Those eliminated at the very beginning will get a second chance to put their skills to the test.

Monday, September 18

FIQ 2101 Film Interpretation Quiz
  Coordinators: X. Buy (Bordeaux/FR), I.J. McCafferty (Birmingham/UK)


FIP quiz masters Dr. Watkinson and Dr. McCafferty congratulating the 2016
winner Dr. Fernando Ezequiel Petra from Mendoza, Argentina (middle).