Scientific Programme

CIRSE 2017

For CIRSE 2017, the Scientific Programme Committee has compiled a comprehensive programme around the following core themes:

      Endovascular Programme

  • Arterial Interventions
  • Venous Interventions
  • Aortic Interventions (presented within the framework of IDEAS 2017)
  • Interventional Oncology
  • Embolisation
  • Neurointerventions
  • Non-Vascular Interventions
  • IR Management

The SPC considers active participation and interaction a key component of the learning experience, and, accordingly, has planned many sessions with voting and debating options for the audience. One such session type will be the Expert Round Tables, which are meant as a discussion forum for experts and the audience alike.

Further special formats and highlights will be:

Should you have any questions concerning the Scientific Programme, please contact us at scientific@cirse.org.