CIRSE Crossword Puzzle

Here you can find the answers to each of the crossword puzzles found in IR News.

IR News 1/2017


2. The happiest city in the world (copenhagen)

5. ECIO honorary lecturer (palussiere)

8. Anagram: acceptable offs (abscopal effect)

10. Chilly mammoth procedure (fet)

11. A tasty treat in Bilbao (pintxo)

12. Anagram: oracle vices (varicoceles)

13. Benign breast tumour (fibroadenoma)


1. Tidy study in pAVF (neat)

2. Soon to be released endovascular stroke study (crisp)

3. A painless topic at CIRSE (anaesthesia)

4. Embolotherapy fans meeting in which Italian city in May (florence)

6. Side effect of PAD (claudication)

7. Europe's largest oncology federation (ecco)

9. Antigen-presenting cells of our immune system (dendritic)


IR News 3/2016


1. Imaging focus of this year's IDoR (breast)

4. Contrast material for MRI (gadolinium)

6. An accomplished technique in PAE (perfected)

10. Hungry hormone (ghrelin)

13. A chilly intervention (cryoablation)

14. To calm (sedate)


2. Palms up (supine)

3. Anagram: naive hen soups (saphenous vein)

5. CVIR's _______ competition at CIRSE (selfie)

7. Acronym: New CIRSE support for young IRs (etf)

8.Anagram: mangrove (venogram)

9. Largest part of the brain (cerebrum)

11. The Nordic pretzel (kringle)

12. Award winning femoropopliteal artery disease trial (viastar)


IR News 2/2016


3. Abbr: 13k member strong (esmo)

5. Narrowing, again and again (restenosis)

8. Open up (recanalisation)

9. CIRSE amici (iesir)

11. Acute ________ ischaemia (mesenteric)

12. Waves wash stones away (lithotripsy)

15. A radiation protection principle for everybody (justification)

16. Anagram: hearty comet (atherectomy)



1. Abbr: spotless stroke data (mrclean)

2. Much loved IR pioneer (josefroesch)

4. Sooty graft (chimney)

6. Anagram: belonged in sun (benignnodules)

7. EU's biggest research programme (horizon2020)

10. Touch down here in September (elprat)

13. Named by Ernest Besnier in 1879 (biopsy)

14. Abbr: a common cause of obstruction in the veins (dvt)


IR News 1/2016


1.  Number of cranial nerves (twelve)

4. Exciting new thoughts, held in September in Barcelona (IDEAS)

6. Recent acute ischaemic stroke studies favour this treatment (thrombectomy)

7. Water-loving molecule (hydrophile)

10. Provocative move (discography)

12. How majority of post-transplant urinomas are treated (percutaneousdrainage)

14. Alternative to radiofrequency ablation in treatment of renal tumours (cryoblation)

16. Promoting IR in Asia Pacific (APSCVIR)

19. Anagram: nojostemjuy (jejunostomy)

20. Suffix meaning inflammation (itis)



2. Procedure to stabilise a spinal fracture (vertobroplasty)

3. Embolisation agent (foam)

5. CIRSE 2007 (Athens)

8. Not prone (supine)

9. Under CT guidance, which line to get to kidney when performing a percutaneous nephrostomy (brodels)

11. The _________ valve is located between the left atrium and left ventricle (mitral)

13. Type V endoleak (endotension)

15. Straight down American trainee pathway (direct)

17. A place to park a ship or a central venous access device (port)

18. Willis-Ekbom disease abbreviated (RLS)